A life less ordinary

14 de octubre de 2008

An only child, he was born into a large family with several brothers and sisters. His childhood was the most peaceful period of his life. It was scarred with a series of traumatic events which in later years he recalled fondly. He remained a bachelor for all his years, eventually settling down with his third wife Jan, with whom he fathered several only childs. A devout family man, he was known for beating his children in violent rages, of which he flung into so frequently, that they almost never occurred. He visited Church on a weekly basis, but rarely bothered to show up. Being unable to afford access to amenities such as television and eyesight he spent most of his time watching classic movies on TCM. He passed peacefully in his sleep, no doubt experiencing horrible agony, leaving such a strong impression on the world, that old friends struggled to remember his name.

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